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Airoflex is the oldest manufacturer of hydraulic dumpers / tippers, as we have been supplying industrial hydraulic truck dumpers since 1947. Airoflex had hundreds of installation throughout the U.S. and abroad. Airoflex has in-house structural and mechanical engineering, as well as fabrication, assembly and field support.

Airoflex designs and supplies several models of hydraulic tippers including: drive-thru extended arm, over-the-wall, and portable/permanent trailer dumpers/tippers. Airoflex supplies dumpers for a wide range of capacities ranging from 20-200 tons, 35-65 degree tilt, and 20-100 feet in length.

Truck Dumpers / Truck Tippers
• Standard Pivot Truck Dumper
• Extended Arm Truck Dumper

Trailer Dumpers / Trailer Tippers
• Standard Pivot Trailer Dumper
• Extended Arm Trailer Dumper
• Semi Portable Trailer Dumper
• Semi Permanent Trailer Dumper
• Portable Trailer Dumper


Receiving Hoppers
• Standard Above Grade Hopper
• Biomass Above Grade Hopper
• In Pit Receiving Hopper

Spare Parts Gallery
• Spare parts

Airoflex' Unique Features
• Seamless Deck to Wheel Guides
• 100% Bolted Connections

Airoflex Standard Pivot Truck Dumper Cycle Time Video
Airoflex Equipment - A Division of Hoffmann Inc. About Airoflex Divisions of Hoffmann Inc.

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