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Airoflex Truck and Trailer Dumper Service Legs
Airoflex Truck and Trailer Dumper Safety Legs

Airoflex Equipment’s Service Legs are moveable supports that allow access under your truck dumper for maintenance and inspection.

The legs are pinned at the bottom allowing them to be rotated out of the way for normal operation. When in use, they are pivoted under the dumper to hold it in a raised “zero energy” position with the hydraulic system depressurized. With the hydraulic system locked-out per OSHA standards, unintended lowering of the platform due to a hydraulic pressure release failure and or human error is prevented.

The cost of service legs is paid back by efficient cleanout and maintenance practices, thus saving time and having your dumper back in operation faster.

Service Legs are to be used for maintenance only, and never to be used while a truck is on a dumper platform.

Standard Design / Airoflex Dumpers
• Field verification by customer
• Includes estimated loads for foundation design
• Leg lengths from 16’ to 24’

Custom Engineered / non-Airoflex Dumpers
• Field verification by Airoflex
• Includes estimated loads for foundation design
• Custom leg lengths
• Multiple height settings
• Hydraulic operation for in-pit application

• Allows dumper to achieve a raised “zero energy” state for:
- Cleaning
- Repairs
- Inspections and maintenance
• Safe access for personnel and equipment
• Easy to install and operate

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